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iPhone OS 3.0 battery life is terrible.

After upgrading my iPhone 3G to OS 3.0, I was really exited to start playing with all of the new features.  Some of my favorites include spotlight, cut/copy/paste and push notifications.

Unfortunately, immediately after installing the update, my battery life was terrible at best.  I use my iPhone for work and receive over a hundred emails per day through our exchange server.  Before the 3.0 upgrade, I could easily get through a day on 1 charge.  On occasion I would even skip the usual overnight charge and still have plenty of battery to get me through lunch the following day without a charge.  After the update, I’m lucky to make it through the day before my iPhone battery dies completely.

A quick internet search yielded numerous claims of this issue:

I hope that Apple recognizes that this is a problem and does something about it soon.  Maybe in OS 3.1?