Hey all!  I’m a CS major, turned Application Support person who works in the trading industry for Chicago Trading Company.  My wife, Faye, and I moved to London in late 2007, where we live and work now.

Some of my interests include brewing beer, programming in Python, watching sports and TV and hanging out with friends.

  • Paul

    Yo Gator! (at least i think you’re Gator, since I am The Peddler, and we all know who Tip Top was based on his perfect BMI. So i guess it was between Gator and Spoke and I think you were the Gatorade lover)

    Anyway, it’s Furlow (if you hadn’t figured it out). First, how the heck are things on your side of “the pond?” I really hope you and Faye are doing wonderfully! I’ve been in NYC now for 4 years and I’m still very much enjoying it. I can imagine the possibilities you two have in Europe for exploration. 
    To cut to the chase, my girlfriend Jennie (you may remember her) and I are planing a trip out to London and Paris over Thanksgiving this year and we are contacting people to get an idea of cool neighborhoods we should stay in, things we must definitely see/do, places we must eat and any other recommendations you knowledgeable people might have for travelers like us. Furthermore, if you guys are around during the Thanksgiving holiday (which i’ve heard is huge in England) it would be a blast to get together for drinks->dinner->more drinks at least one of the nights we’re in London Town. I have no idea if this is going to get to you via the Comment’s section on your blog but i figured it was worth a shot. As they say, CHEERS!