Monthly Archives: February 2010

Safari: Open all links in new tabs

In trying to migrate from Firefox to Safari on all of my Macs, one thing that has bothered me is the inability to do 1-window browsing (i.e. opening all links in new tabs instead of new windows).  After scouring the interwebs, I am still unable to accomplish this in Safari v4.0.4 and Mac OS v10.6.2.  Even though there are multiple blog posts out there explaining a simple solution, it doesn’t seem to work on any of my machines.  Lastly, I know that SafariStand exists, but it seems both hacky and overkill for what I’m trying to accomplish.

Does anyone have a simple solution for this or know why the solution mentioned all over the web doesn’t work?


Pie in my face…  Under “Safari->Preferences->General” there is an option “Open links from applications” and setting that to “in a new tab in the current window” is the exactly what I was looking for (reference).  D’oh!